Humanity Has Fallen

I have had much on my mind lately. The violence that has gripped Americans, carnage, killing, destruction and we seem to be the instigators and implementer’s of it all. I have come to understand that Satan has orchestrated all of it, using people to perform his heinous plans. We like sheep are being led to the slaughter on so many levels.

Sadly, those involved and committing this evil have no idea where they are headed, their eternity of excruciating pain and suffering that will never end. The election in November will bring about horrendous civil unrest, far beyond and worse than that of which we now know. Regardless of who is elected, violence will ensue.

Those who do not know God, will completely lose their conscience, their moral compass of right and wrong, of good and of evil. Killing women, children, the elderly will mean nothing to them. Killing store keepers, waitresses, doctors, law enforcement; these we have already witnessed. As I pray and think on the state our Nation and it’s people are in, I can’t help but wonder if God will use Covid-19 or some other antigen to purge this Nation and bring her to her knees. If He does, the “Great Depression” will look like a cake walk compared to what will come.

We deserve whatever He decides. Look around you, we are no longer civil human beings. Forget about being kind and compassionate to others, we have turned into a pack of wild animals who deserve nothing but the consequences God will lay out for us. I am deeply ashamed of what the people in our Nation have become. I am not even sure there is any hope for us.

Drug addicts, liars, thieves, murders, fornicators, adulterers, child molesters, domestic abuse, child abuse and neglect, lazy non-workers. I guess I could go on, but this much just depresses the heck out of me. Is this our ‘new normal’? When did Americans decide this was the legacy they want to leave behind? When did we decide mocking God was a good thing? There will be a price to pay for our actions.

Why would God want to save a people like this? Does He even want to save a Nation of self oriented, selfish, greedy people and a people that have perverted every good thing He has created. It’s as though we destroy everything we touch. Our lusts for material wealth has become so intense that a boy can be killed for his “name brand” sneakers.

I am sensing, that God is lifting His hand of protection very soon. Instead He will allow us to destroy ourselves from within and He will allow foreign attacks on American soil. I spend every morning praying for this Nation of ours, to have our hearts convicted mightily, that we might fall to our knees in repentance and seek God, His Son and Holy Spirit as if our lives depend on it….because they do.

Just one attack by a foreign country at this time, would put us back a 100 years. There is so much civil unrest and destruction, our Nation is the perfect target; because we have turned against each other. Prepare yourselves, you who are reading. Famine will come, the store shelves will be empty, death will lay in the streets and no one will bury them. Pestilence, disease, illnesses we have never seen before now will come.

If you love God, His Son Yeshua and the Holy Spirit, follow hard after His ways. Prayer is our weaponry, use it several times a day. You will need the strength of this relationship with the Lord in order to endure what will come. Also know, God may allow many of us to perish along with the unsaved; in fact it may be His mercy that He removes us from what this world will become.

Whatever He decides, now is the time to prepare yourselves, sell off your “luxuries”, pay off your debts and prepare to have enough food, water and medicine stocked up to last at least 3-4 months. After the election takes place our Nation will no longer have any safe place in it and may never again.

Kasey Streichert Burt 9-16-2020

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