Chicago Taken Over by Lawlessness

Chicago Overtaken by Lawlessness

The Lord has shown me a very broken city…Chicago. In the vision, I saw that lawlessness and crime had overtaken the city. People were killing each other in record numbers during the day and at night. No one was exempt, by that I mean; those doing the killing did not care if it was a child, an infant, women, men or teenagers.

I remember how shocked I was at seeing this play out like a movie in my head. After yesterday’s report on the news about the “mentally disabled” boy who was tied up, gagged, beaten and tortured by four black youth screaming “Fuck Whites” and “Fuck Trump”; I realize the time is at hand. That four young people would grab a mentally disabled boy and commit this violence on him should cause all of America to be appalled, but also start demanding something be done about the violent crime in this city.

As I sat in our living room looking out at the snow falling, I saw the future for Chicago.

There were masses of people in the streets, mobs of people who were attacking anyone they saw, robbing them and beating their victims. The sound of gun fire and automatic rifles continued throughout the city, seemingly shooting at random and killing so many. A vast majority of the victims were weaponless and being attacked by their own neighbors. The faces of these attacking were filled with anger and rage, to the point their ability to even reason or think clearly was completely gone. They were killing their own family members and people at random in uncontrolled violence.

Then, I saw that the city was put in what I would call “isolation”, no one allowed in and no one allowed out. Troops went in and began taking down those using weapons one by one. Initially, the Troops tried to negotiate with the attackers, to get them to put their weapons down and stop the insane killing spree that was going on. However, those doing the shooting and attacking were out of control and refused to comply with the Troops or stop shooting. Many of these Troops were killed trying to avoid more violence. Since the attackers could not be taken in alive, the Troops had no choice but to shoot them.

Looting, fires and massive break-ins all over the city was taking place. I saw a small child about 2 or 3 years old walking down one street alone, she had no shoes on, her clothing was torn and blood stains were on her blouse and she was crying in complete desperation and fear. No one cared, the victims were trying to save themselves and the attackers appeared to have completely lost their minds, caught up in this horrible violence. The last thing I noticed was the smell, the odor in the air; the very air smelled like blood. Blood, smoke and fire with bodies dead or in the process of dying lying in the streets, in apartments and in homes and non-moving cars.

Honestly, it looked as though a foreign enemy from another country had come in and made war on Chicago, but it wasn’t a foreign enemy; those doing the attacking were American people who were killing each other.

Just before the vision closed, I saw the city being emptied of the dead; it was completely uninhabitable. No one would be able to live there for a decade or ever again in the condition it was in. Then the vision closed. I sat with tears running down my face and my chest felt as though a monster of great weight had crushed me.

Something very demonic has happened to Chicago, a spiritual stronghold of rage and violence. Those who have not accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah will have no will power to fight against this demonic entity. They will get caught up in the violence and lose their ability to reason right from wrong, the idea that hurting or killing another person is wrong will no longer even be a consideration for them.

For those who have accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah, a great oppression will fall upon the city and many will think to stay and see if they can change things in the city. These who stay will end up losing family members to violence and death and even lose their own lives. For the city has become as Sodom and Gomorrah was in the Old Testament of the Bible. The sin and wickedness was so great that God destroyed the city and its inhabitants with exception of Lot and his family. They were told to run, leave the city and do not look back.

It is the same with Chicago, a modern- day Sodom and Gomorrah. If I have seen this correctly, God is preparing to smite this city if we don’t change.

Kasey Streichert Burt

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