Dementia – A Viral Pandemic

Dementia – A Viral Pandemic

During the night of April 23rd, 1998 I had a dream. I was walking through the halls of what appears to be an elementary school. It is chaos; there are children in the halls actually biting the flesh or the arms and legs of other children. It is horrific what I am seeing take place.  The teachers appear deranged; the look about them resembles what the worst patients in a mental institute might look like. There were some who were not affected by this dementia, they walked close to the walls and avoided the others, but made no attempt to stop the carnage.

Next, I find myself at a middle school or high school. There are even more affected by this dementia here. It is horrible; the students are pulling others to the ground where they chew the flesh off them as if to eat it. Again, there are a few not affected who are able to run away, but unable to stop what is happening.

Now, I am at a College Campus, the majority of the campus population is affected, students and professors alike. The violence has escalated to the ripping off of limbs and consuming them. The demented ones have become unrecognizable; they are as bloody creatures, lacking human components. I feel I am witnessing the worst “horror” movie ever made.

I am now at a hospital, a place that represents medical help and safeness. I am wrong, all are affected here, children and adults. I run outside, the demented ones are everywhere attacking each other. I see a house near the ocean and run past all the insanity and go in. My son Eric is in the living room, I grab him and tell him we must hurry so that what is outside does not reach us. I see the fear in my son’s eyes and then look to see a very small door on one wall of the living room. It is blended in with the design of the wood and was probably a secret door at one time. It is about three feet in diameter, we pull the door open yet I notice there is no door knob. We crawl inside and I pull the door closed. It closed so tightly and firmly, like those stone doors that seal a passageway.

There are stairs and a light, the stairs form a sideway “V” pattern, at the halfway point, beginning the next section of the “V” upward, I see a light switch. I turn off the light switch and we are guided by a light coming from an upper room at the top of the stairs. I am thinking that now the demented ones will not see the doorway since the light is off.

In the upper room I see an old man sitting at a table, as though he were expecting us. I then turn to Eric and tell him that there are Angels in this room, keeping us safe. I see he is still terrified, so I said “Angels, reveal yourselves to my son, let him see you”. About ten of them appeared completely, the others were sensed spiritually as a very real presence from God. I said to Eric, “Jesus has sent these Angels to protect us, the room is filled with God’s Angels and we are safe”.

Then I woke up.


The point….. this dream covered three to four generations, elementary aged, middle to high school, college age and into career ages of different categories.god-judgment-1-720x340

I am assuming a time frame of twelve (12) years from elementary to high school graduation, another four (4) years of undergrad and two (2) years of graduate study (people with MA degrees working in hospitals) If we consider physicians going through med school, along with another 3-7 years of Residency before being licensed, at the earliest 2019 at the latter end of this prophecy 2025.

This represents to me that violence will be the controlling factor by 2019- 2025 and no age, race or gender will be spared with one exception. In the dream Eric and I had faith and trusted God to prevail on our behalf. It would seem to me that those who were not affected by the “dementia” will be those who have given ownership of their heart, soul and life to God. For them, God will be a safe haven.

In the Book of Revelation John wrote down 5 major ungodly actions taking place on the earth to signal the End Times.

  • Idol Worship, 2) Murder, 3) Witchcraft,4) Immorality, 5)Theft


In these short years coming up to 2019, I believe we will see these things begin to unfold to an unholy increase.

My last thought is a Pandemic that would affect the frontal lobes of the brain. If something like this were airborne, a virus that could be spread one to another would be catastrophic. Worse yet, a Pandemic that affects the DNA of a person, passed from generation to generation, creating a “zombie” like populous.

Kasey Streichert  copyright 1998


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