A Great Test Is Coming

A Great Testing Is Coming

This morning I sensed the Holy Spirit hovering over the earth. A time of great despair will be upon us much sooner than I had thought. It had been my heart’s desire that another “Great Awakening” would come before the finals days. However, what my hope was and that which will come will be completely different. I had hoped for a movement across the globe wherein masses would be saved, where leadership would once again have God at the helm.

Instead, the “Great Awakening” will almost be silent and its army will go underground. This however, will not affect the extraordinary power God will give His chosen Elect during this time. It will be a different kind of movement than all mass salvation occurrences that have come before us. As many give their heart and life to Yeshua, many others will seek to kill and destroy the saved. As many find truth and holiness living within them, many will stand and die for that truth because it is at odds with nations who have embodied the perverse as their God.

As I read scripture from the Apocrypha this morning, I saw that much is required in order to prevail this treacherous hour that is coming.

 “For in many places and in neighboring cities there shall be a great uprising against those who fear the Lord. They shall be like maniacs, sparing no one, but plundering and destroying those who continue to fear the Lord.

For they shall destroy and plunder their goods and drive them out of house and home. Then the tested quality of my Elect shall be manifest, like gold that is tested by fire.

Listen my Elect ones, says the Lord; the days of tribulation are at hand, but I will deliver you from them. Do not fear or doubt, for God is your guide. You who keep my commandments and precepts, says the Lord God, must not let your sins weigh you down or your iniquities prevail over you. Woe to those who are choked by their sins and overwhelmed by their iniquities.”  2 Esdras 16:70-77


The fear of Lord causes me to tremble, for I am of a people of unclean lips and a stained heart as Isaiah was. Can I keep His Commandment and Precepts? Is it possible? He says we must endeavor to do so. Is it possible not to fall and live under the weight of sin and iniquity? God says we must make every attempt to conquer our own bent to sin.

I now see the extent of “Grace Abuse”, it has been the biggest excuse in existence to sin. It is what we use to reject accountability.  When instead, Grace was meant to be used during a learning curve. We were meant to be intentional about leaving deliberate sin behind. Even the Elect of God must seek Him night and day for the strength to forebear; our hearts so in tune with His that His Commands are written in and on our hearts becoming a mighty fortress.

Yeshua said that we must be Holy as He is Holy. I fall so short on every count, however; I must not and you must not lay down in despair. Instead we must rise up and master the things that would cripple us. Kill off the sin that wishes to weigh us down and rob us of eternal life with God. Wrestle to the ground our thought life and place ourselves in submission to the character of God, His son Yeshua and His Holy Spirit.

The North American church has been asleep for decades. We must recognize the magnitude of the battle that is coming upon us.

Kasey Streichert Burt


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