A Warning

A Warning

I believe we are about to experience a time of great troubles, for we are a generation of unclean lips and walk with an unclean heart. I am burdened and my soul mourns for humanity, for we are wretched, naked and poor and do not realize our own condition. Hear what the Lord God would say to you.

“The days are coming when those who inhabit the earth shall be seized with great terror and the way of truth shall be hidden. The land shall be barren of faith. Unrighteousness shall be increased beyond what you yourself see and beyond what you heard of formerly.

The land that you now see ruling, shall be a trackless waste and the people shall see it desolate. If the Most High grants that you live, you shall see it thrown into confusion after the third period/season of time.

The sun shall suddenly begin to shine at night and the moon during the day. Blood shall drip from wood and the stone shall utter its voice. The peoples shall be troubled and the stars shall fall from the sky.

One shall reign whom those who inhabit the earth do not expect and the birds shall fly away together and disappear. The Dead Sea will cast up fish and the one whom the many do not know shall make his voice heard by night and all shall hear his voice.

There shall be chaos also in many places, fire shall often break out, wild animals will roam beyond their places. Menstruous women shall give birth to monsters. Salt water shall be found in the sweet and those who were friends will conquer one another.

Reason shall hide itself and wisdom shall withdraw to its chamber and it shall be sought by many but shall not be found. Unrighteousness and unrestraint shall increase on the earth. One country will ask its neighbor, “Has righteousness or anyone who does right passed through you?” And they will answer “No”.

At that time people shall hope but not obtain; they shall labor but their ways will not prosper.”  2 Esdras 5:1-12


The way of truth, the word of God shall be taken away and none with faith shall remain. The land we now live in will become a barren wasteland. The sun and moon will alter their course and the stars will fall to the earth.

An unlikely person will rule the earth. The birds will all disappear. The Dead Sea will suddenly have life in it.  The one who is ruling will be heard during the night when you sleep and every living inhabitant of the earth will be subjected to his voice. Fires will overtake the land, destroying everything in their path. Women will give birth to monsters, spiritual and physical.

Fresh water will be tainted by salt and undrinkable. People will turn against friends and conquer them. Wisdom and righteousness will flee from the earth leaving only wickedness behind. The remaining inhabitants of the earth will labor without success, they will hope for a better life but it will not come.

I tell you this truth, the day is not far off and perhaps is already here. Turn yourself over to God the Most High and acknowledge that Jesus is the Messiah. Seek His face and seek His forgiveness; ask for the saving of your life that you may be found safe at the time of judgment. Settle with God where you will spend your eternal destiny. Search for wisdom and righteousness while it can still be found, receive faith while there are those to tell you what that is, for soon; they will all be gone.


Kasey Streichert Burt


Post Note: Since yesterday I have felt a trembling within, that the Covid-19 Virus, it is just the beginning of the clamaties to come. 3-20-2020


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