White Light

White Light

Last night I had a dream. In the dream I am outside on a sidewalk facing a highway of four lanes of traffic; two lanes going each way. I see that there appears to be an over ramp for cars getting on or off the highway there. In the dream it is almost dusk, the traffic is heavy; I can hear the sounds of the cars going by, feel the sidewalk under my feet.

Then a man who is well known in the country for having the gift of healing appears on the sidewalk about 10 feet from me. I do not know his name or anything else about him, except that he is known for his gift of healing.

In the dream I think to approach the man, I have horrible chronic migraines and have for years. There hasn’t been a month go by in the last 15 years that I haven’t asked God to let me die, take me home because of the pain. In the dream I was thinking, maybe it was possible God wanted to use this man to end the migraines I have.

I see the man is now in the middle of the four-lane highway, he seems stuck and traffic is barreling past him on both sides. I am now worried he will be hit by a car.

In the dream I walk out through the traffic to where he is, I place my arms above his shoulders in a circle formation and outward towards the oncoming traffic.

Within less than a breath, all the traffic stops, it is just held in place right where it was; not like at a traffic light, but just frozen in place. I ask the man if he can take the migraines away and he answered “No, I cannot.” We stood there it seemed about 15 minutes. The man was telling me why I had the migraines but now I can’t remember what he said, only that GOD would not allow this man to remove them. So still holding my arms out I lead the man back to the sidewalk and he walks away. Once I am on the sidewalk, I put my arms down and the traffic resumes. I saw people in their cars looking at us, I am not sure if they knew they had been frozen in place for all that time or not. I remember thinking it strange that no one was honking their horns or yelling at us to move.

In the dream I was standing there wondering, what now? Will I suffer my entire life with such agony of pain, so many days a month I lose count?

Then I heard a voice outside my head clearly and distinctly say:

“You are the one who glows with bright white light upon you and you have been seen.”


I sensed the Messenger of God beside me, but he left before I could question him. I remember in the dream wondering how the Messenger meant this. When I woke up, I was even more conflicted.

I took into consideration that if, I have the bright white light of God shining on me, if I have been noticed by God and that I am able to manipulate the physical world by His power and will; what do I do next?

After seeking God, I feel led to keep my eyes open to any opportunity to encourage, to share Yeshua’s gift of relationship with God; even rebuke when necessary. To trust God so completely, that whatever He ask of me I will not question it, not my natural or spiritual abilities and not His intent. Just do what He tells me and not think about it.

I did go to my concordance and found scripture that might support this dream about the light and have posted them as well.

Proverbs 4:18 –  But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, shining ever brighter until full daylight.

Luke 11:36 –  If, then, your whole body is filled with light, with no part dark, it will be wholly lighted, as when a brightly lit lamp shines on you.”

1 John 1:7 –  But if we are walking in the light, as he is in the light, then we have fellowship with each other, and the blood of his Son Yeshua purifies us from all sin.

Kasey Streichert Burt



  1. Hello Kasey,

    Linked to your page from z3news.

    And kind of because I believe in dream messages from the Lord God. I’ve kind of had my own share, of both personal dreams and others that relate to world and the universe in context of the word of God. Somehow, through these encounters, the Lord has trained me to discover the meaning of dream messages.

    In your dream, and life, you are seeking for healing through divine intervention. Yet in the dream message, the answer is that your condition does not reqiure a miracle from God, or his agent, the healer. Yet we all know that God desires our well being and health.

    Why then is there a seeming contradiction? That the healer cant do anything to take away your pain?

    Its apparent then that the dream is God’s response to you, to find what the cause of your migraines is and its something youve already been empowered for, and in essence, youve already recieved the answer to your prayers.

    Have you yet considered what effect the rf radiation from modern telecomunication infrastructure and mobile phones is having on you, and the population at large? There is ample literature of the ill effects of rf radiation has on biosystems. Seeing as you cite the time frame of your migraines as having worsened from 15 years back, the same time frame that mobile phones technoligies proliferated and the rf radiation pollution began to spike, your condition may very well be a reaction to this pollutant.

    Asking the Lord to heal the symptoms, without identifying the cause…. would just not work out. The body pain receptors are a blessing to identify when we are in a danger zone, and the ideal healing for such pain is to move away from the cause of the danger.

    I guess you should investigate your environment and discover what the roof cause of the reaction your body is. And remove yourself from this offense. You could try and live elsewhere in the countryside where rf pollution is for a week or two to see if there is an environmetal relation to your condition.

    Hope you do get the healing you so much deserve, and that the Lord has granted, but is being hijacked and withheld the the agencies of evil.



    • John: Thank you for your response. While an interesting theory, I have to believe that God is all powerful and could certainly address any environmental issues. What I do know, is that sometimes God says no. I am leaving a link to my Rabbi Greg Hershberg’s message on 2-10-2020 that I just listened to this morning. It was a confirmation of what I sensed God was telling me. Rabbi Greg is a Messianic. Be patient and listen to his message all the way through. Blessings, Kasey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSCHAYOMbJM


  2. I have read that fasting (drink water only) can cure migraines. Refer to Herbert Shelton’s book “Fasting could save your Life”.


    • Thanks for the input Randy. I did a 40 day fast years ago, it did not make a difference in the migraines but was an amazing journey spiritually.


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