Tabernacle With God

Tonight I am thinking about the Churches in every city in the United States. I wonder if we realize that each one is Gods’ gift to us. The churches belong to Him. They are His ”Meeting House”, a place where He wishes to tabernacle with us.


To tabernacle with God is when are at a place of deep intimacy and honesty with Him. When we realize He sees and knows about everything we think, what is in our heart; the good and the not so good. When we find ourselves in this place of intimacy with God, we no longer try to hide or cover up our faults, but instead we run to Him because He is the only one who has the love and the power to change us into what He desires.

In this transformation, suddenly what He wants is far more important than anything we hoped to gain on our own. We will know we have found this intimacy when having our own way is no longer paramount.

When knowing Him, truly being with Him, when that desire is stronger than our need to breathe.
Blessings and may you keep seeking the heart of our King.
Kasey Streichert Burt 10-2-2019

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