Abortion as Population Control

For the last three days or so the Holy Spirit has been “hounding” me about this subject. I will warn you right now that I have purposely not written this piece from a “Christian” perspective. At this time in 2019, our society is deeply divided between the Christian and the Secular world. As Paul said in scripture, he would become all things to all people. What he meant was that he would meet people “where they were”. I have attempted to do the same in this writing. It is blunt, direct and in some place inflammatory; but it had to be done.




Abortion as Population Control

Among the inhabitants of the world, we are killing between 40-50 million babies a year as of 2018. That number world wide amounts to 125,000 babies being terminated each and every day. Now think about it for a moment, why would government entities support mass killings of the unborn and right up to the day before birth? When did we become so desensitized that killing infants no longer fazes us?

Do women really think that the government is linked up with their “right to their body” mantra? Are you kidding? They don’t give a rat’s ass about your rights to prevent your body from becoming the incubator for another life. What they do care about is over population. They care about the financial drain on society when government funding has to pay to raise unwanted children. They care about the drain on Medicaid, Welfare and a host of other money concerns. What better way to control the population than by having people kill their own children and making it legal at the same time?

Is it really this bad? Yes, it is. About three weeks ago a young woman was on YouTube talking about aborting her baby, she was nearly 8 months pregnant. She wasn’t sick, her health was not threatened by the pregnancy; she just couldn’t make up her mind. She found a doctor who would terminate the baby as it was being delivered and she could be done with it. Why not just deliver it alive and place the baby for adoption? What was the difference in another 3-4 weeks of waiting, she waited this long already?

The government said she can have her baby killed and she would not be responsible, so she did.

In the United States, as of 2017; 881,000 abortions were performed for that year. That means that in our country alone, over 2,400 babies were being killed every day. In my state, the state of Florida; 70,083 abortions were performed in 2018. That comes to 192 babies being killed each day, give or take.

ALL of the actual abortion numbers are probably much higher that what the CDC has recorded worldwide and state wide. I had to work at finding the most recent statistic’s, because 2014-15 are where the stats seemed to stop being published. Why is that?

Now, this is where things really get strange to me. There is a medication called the “Morning After” pill. If a woman who is not using birth control has unprotected sex, with or without her consent; she can go to any clinic, doctor or ER and ask for the pill. This pill effectively stops an egg from attaching to the woman’s womb, thus preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

Why isn’t this pill being promoted instead of killing babies at 8 to 30+ weeks of gestation? It is morbid, a foul thing has gripped the human race. So, I said this is where things get strange and it is. Why would any government want to allow pregnancies to progress to such a stage and then endorse terminating them, when it could have been prevented from happening at all? We have to think about Stem Cell research.

The Feminist movement got on the “Roe vs Wade” bandwagon in 1972 and have linked all of their perceived progress to legalizing the killing of babies. Does anyone else find this macabre at best? Yet, the march goes on until they achieved the legal right to kill right to the day of birth. All possible reason is completely diminished. Every argument for not carrying a baby to Term is gone; when a woman carries to Term and then has her baby killed. The semantics are this, the baby wasn’t actually due until tomorrow so she still had the right to terminate. Really? Is this what we have bought into?

So, in a country so worried about brainwashing by the different political parties, the entire nation has bought into this form of population control. In fact, we are so caught up in who we hate the most, no one is noticing how we have been manipulated into doing the unspeakable.

You should be pissed off and angry, but not at the government; instead take a good look in the mirror friends; because no one forced your hand. Women were convinced that their right to their own body made it justifiable, the killing of babies. So caught up in themselves, their rights they have never even noticed the silent manipulation. Get them to kill their own children. It solved huge financial problems, huge food problems, huge employment problems looming in the near future. These were mouths that the government did not have to feed, bodies they did not have to support, educate, give health care to and the list goes on.

Where do we go from here? What kind of self-seeking, self-oriented, narcissistic and entitlement minded people can find their way out of this mess?

Well, wake up. You have been played, big time. To all of my sister’s in the world, if you do not want children, use reliable birth control. You can even have your Fallopian tubes “Clamped” not cut in your GYN’s office, it’s a band aid surgery, that can be “unclamped” the same way when and if you are ever ready. This has been performed in Europe since the 1980’s, so why haven’t women in the United States been informed? If the side effects of birth control are too harsh, you do have other options that do not require you to kill your own baby.

Maybe this makes too much sense for a senseless world. Beneath all of this, I sense a very dark and ugly manipulation. It is time that women ask for different options and get off this killing machine that is rolling worldwide.

Kasey Streichert Burt


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